Fees, Revenue and Advertising


Fees and Fee Structure

The current submission fee for MedEdPublish is £90 per article. This covers the administrative cost of processing and publishing your manuscript, including editorial checks, hosting, typesetting and other aspects of production, as well as technical development and maintenance of the publishing platform and administrative support during peer review. The fee is non-refundable, even for the very small number of articles that are not subsequently published. We do not charge any additional processing fees for articles selected for publication.

Submitting articles to MedEdPublish is currently free to AMEE individual members. A full-price annual membership can be purchased for £115. Discounted membership is available for students (£45) and those from less well-resourced countries (£44). Membership confers a host of other benefits, including access to the AMEE-MedEdWorld seminar series, electronic subscription to Medical Teacher and discounted rates for ESME courses and the annual AMEE conference.

To purchase an AMEE membership, please visit https://amee.org/membership. Note that the fee waiver does not apply to institutional members.

Revenue sources

MedEdPublish is funded through AMEE Membership and author submission fees.  Themed issues do not receive any special sponsorship or funding.


The MedEdPublish website will have limited and unobtrusive advertising on the Home Page only. Advertisements will be restricted to conferences, courses and other educational activities and/or educational products and services. Advertisements will be clearly identified as advertisements, and will not be juxtaposed to a related article. We do not display personalised advertising based on user demographics, location or behaviour. The Editor will have the final say on any advertisements published.

Direct Marketing

For marketing and other purposes, MedEdPublish will, from time to time, email registered users.  Email addresses, however, will not be shared with third parties, unless required by law. 
MedEdPublish will be promoted through the AMEE network (including the website and social media), and articles invited for publication through membership lists.