About the Editorial Board

The MedEdPublish Editorial Board was established to provide the journal Editors with expert advice in the field of health professions education.

Editorial Board members are expected to:
  • Review published articles
  • Advise on journal policy and scope
  • Identify topics for special collections, which they may guest edit
  • Attract new authors and encourage submissions
  • Nominate panel reviewers and Editorial Board members
  • Attend Editorial Board meetings, either in person or by video link
Most Board members will be involved in all of these activities although some will have been appointed to focus on specific roles.

Appointment to the Board

Occasionally we will put out an open call for applications to join the Board. In addition, Editorial Board members may be nominated to the journal Editors at any time. Nominees will be contacted by the Editors and invited to submit a focused CV and short cover letter indicating the expertise they could bring to the journal. Nominees should also disclose all of their existing editorial board commitments.

Board members are selected by the Editors, with input from the publisher, and are appointed for an initial one year period. Board members who have successfully contributed to the journal after this initial one year period may have their term extended by mutual agreement - the standard term for a Board member is three years. When appointing new Board members we try to represent the geographical reach and academic scope of the journal, as well as the diversity of our authors and audience. Those who are successfully appointed will receive written confirmation of the length of their term and the duties they will be expected to perform. This post does not carry any remuneration.

Removal from the Board

Board members may choose to step down at any time if they are no longer able to contribute to the journal's mission.

The Editors may also recommend that a Board member steps down before the end of their term if there has been a 6-month period of sustained inactivity.

Board members will be automatically removed at the end of their term, unless the Editors invite them to remain for a further three year term. There is no limit to the number of consecutive terms a Board member can serve.