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Personal view or opinion piece
15/01/2020 R. Sless, N. Hayward, P. Ryan, A. Kovacs-Litman, U. Najeeb Article No: 16 DOI:  110

Practical tips and/or guidelines
15/01/2020 K. Scott, A. Berger, J. Stuart, E. Hundert Article No: 15 DOI:  93

Research article
15/01/2020 N. Noguchi, F. Stanaway Article No: 13 DOI:  48

New education method or tool
14/01/2020 C. S Constantinou, A. Papageorgiou, P. Andreou, P. McCrorie Article No: 11 DOI:  90

Research article
14/01/2020 M. O'Keefe, A. Montagu, F. Donnelly, T. Page, H. Ward Article No: 10 DOI:  64

Research article
09/01/2020 K. Clemmons, S. Tariq, J. Graham, J. Mizell, A. Glass-Hicks, P. Thapa Article No: 8 DOI:  222

Research article
08/01/2020 J. Meyer, H. Chang, V. Randall Article No: 7 DOI:  91

Report of meeting or workshops
07/01/2020 Y. Kataoka, A. Sakurai, H. Mori, H. Yoshida, Y. Nakano, K. Fujii, R. Matsushita, R. Suzuki, R. Shiraishi, T. Takada Article No: 6 DOI:  362

Research article
07/01/2020 N. Schiess, V. Kulo, J. Dearborn, S. Shaban, C. Gamaldo, R. Salas Article No: 5 DOI:  124

Research article
07/01/2020 M. Neves Ceratti, P. da Silva Fucuta, F. N.P. Quessada, F. Colombelli Pacca, P. Cury Article No: 4 DOI:  88

Review of the literature
07/01/2020 V. Hernando-Requejo Article No: 3 DOI:  192