Peer Review Process

What is post-publication peer review?

AMEE MedEdPublish is an open access post-publication peer review journal. Papers submitted to MedEdPublish are peer reviewed following publication. Prior to publication manuscripts are checked by the Editor to ensure that their content is appropriate for a medical and health professions education e-journal and that the manuscript meets the e-journal criteria for publication. Articles that meet this criteria are processed, assigned a DOI and published and with publication the peer review process begins.

MedEdPublish articles are peer reviewed on the website by the medical education community. Reviewers may include the MedEdPublish Editor, members of the Editorial Board, Guest Editors, the Panel of Reviewers and importantly, the MedEdPublish community.

This open approach to peer review is a cornerstone of the MedEdPublish ethos as it allows the medical education community to provide feedback and share expertise with colleagues at all levels. Post-publication peer review is also an open and transparent process that avoids editorial bias while increasing the speed of publication.