Current Theme

Humanities in Medical Education
02/07/2018 - 30/09/2018

Medical humanities is an interdisciplinary field concerned with bringing the humanities back into medical practice and education and aims to improve our understanding of the total human condition in relation to health and illness and medicine and medical care. We firmly believe that it is presently one of the most important topics in medicine and medical education today, and are looking to bring together authors from as wide a scope as possible.

We invite all authors interested in publishing their papers related to issues of the humanities and humanism in medical practice and education to submit their manuscripts for this special edition of MedEdPublish. We will be happy to read projects submitted not only by teachers and researchers but also by healthcare students. We believe that by presenting our projects together in one edition we make the importance of humanism clearly visible to all readers of MedEdPublish and we will also encourage all of them to join the community of medical educators, students and researchers involved in promoting the humanities.

To ensure manuscripts are considered for inclusion in this quarterly themed issue, authors are encouraged to upload their manuscript through the online submission form between 4th July 2018 and the 31st of August 2018.

We encourage you to discuss a possible submission as soon as possible by contacting the theme editors at [email protected]

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Mr Jonathan McFarland
Theme Editor


Jonathan McFarland is the Head of Academic Writing at Sechenov First State Medical University in Moscow, and a member of their international faculty. He is currently living in Soller, Mallorca, where he also works as a medical English coach. He currently holds the position of President of The Doctor as a Humanist Association, a new Association, which held its first international symposium in October 2017, and which aims to promote and develop internationally the concept of the humanities within undergraduate and postgraduate healthcare education.

Prof Irina Markovina
Co-Theme Editor

Professor Irina Markovina is presently Director of the Institute of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication at Sechenov University (IM Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow, Russian Federation. She also holds the positions of representative of the Russian School of Psycholinguistics, editorial board member of the peer-reviewed Russian journal “Problems of Psycholinguistics” and a member of the review panel of MedEdPublish (AMEE). She has published more than 150 works including research articles, books, textbooks, medical dictionaries, etc. As Director of the Institute of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, she is actively involved in developing the English language environment within the Sechenov and in other medical universities.

Prof Trevor Gibbs
Co-Theme Editor

Professor Gibbs is an independent Professor and Consultant in Medical Education and Primary Care. He holds the positions of WHO Consultant in Medical Education, Adolescent Health & Primary Care, AMEE Development Officer, Secretary of the Best Evidence in Medical Education (BEME) initiative, Educational Consultant for International Affairs RCGP Scotland, and Educational Consultant to WONCA and the World Federation of Medical Education. He is also currently visiting Professor of Family Medicine, Futian, Lifetime Professor in Medical Education at the Shenzhen Medical Education Centre, Consultant in Medical Education at Sun Yat Sen University Medical School, Guangzhou, and Honorary Professor of Primary Care, University of Hong Kong, SAR, PPRC. As Deputy Editor of Medical Teacher he has specific responsibility for the development of AMEE Guides, the BEME Guides, and the Medical Education around the World series. His experience in General Practice and interest in medical education have given him the opportunity to develop curricula in many parts of the world, specifically in those regions in which in medical and healthcare education is often a challenge. He has a special interest in the social accountability of medical schools.