Criteria for publication

Criteria for inclusion

To be considered for publication, papers submitted should be in English, be original and should not, in full or in large part, be published or be under consideration elsewhere. This journal welcomes contributions from educators whose primary language is not English.  However, we suggest strongly that authors ensure that the standard of written English meets the requirements of scholarship and of the readership of the journal, which will be predominantly English speakers.  It would be wise to ask a colleague whose first language is English to read the paper and advise on translation, grammar and understandability. 

Papers should be concise, although there is no restriction on word length.  Any significant overlap with another paper must be cited.

Files should not exceed 5MB in size.

Authors who wish to reproduce a figure or table from a previous publication are responsible for obtaining permission and for referencing the original source.

Confidentiality and Privacy of Identifiable Individuals
It is strongly advised that authors ensure that individuals are not identifiable in any information, photographs, images or quotations from interview transcripts. If you are using any information, images, photographs, transcripts  from which individuals may be identified, please ensure you have obtained consent from the individual prior to submitting your manuscript.  If the individual is a minor, you must obtain approval from the individual’s parents or guardians. 
Individuals must be referred to anonymously in manuscripts to ensure a breach of confidentiality or privacy does not take place.