Preparation of papers

Papers should be submitted via the online web form found by following the ‘Submit’ button. Papers submitted in other formats will not be accepted.

Papers must include:

  • An abstract
  • The corresponding author’s name and contact details
  • References with names and dates in brackets in the text followed by the full reference list at the end of the paper.

References should be in APA 6th format (available in Endnote) and, where available, should include the DOI. On publication MedEdPublish papers are allocated a DOI.

Clarification of Funding Source and other Contributions

Authors should identify any organisation(s) who have provided funding support for the research and/or preparation of the paper and identify any individual(s) who supported the study design or the collection, analysis and interpretation of data or writing of the paper. This information should be listed under "Acknowledgments".

Potential Conflicts of Interest

To ensure transparency, details of any potential conflicts of interest should be included in the "Conflicts of Interest" section which appears in the "Declarations" area at the bottom of the manuscript submission screen. If there are no conflicts of interest the following statement should be selected: "I declare that the authors have no conflicts of interest”.

Papers submitted with information missing will not be considered.


All research reported should be conducted in an ethical and responsible manner, and in compliance with all relevant codes of experimentation and legislation. Authors from institutions without an ethics review committee should include a statement that their study follows the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki.


Authors should follow the ICMJE requirements on privacy and informed consent from patients and study participants.